Private Pulsating Turbo Stroker


Private Pulsating Turbo Stroker. Question: do you happen to own a penis? If not, do you, perchance, have access to a penis that you like a whole lot?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, cheers! This one’s for you/them. Held easily and comfortably in hand, the totally unique open-faced silicone Turbo Stroker from Private features tons of texture, vibration, a pulsating massage bead, heat, AND a namesake Turbo mode.

Before we get into the Turbo Stroker’s very impressive functions, let’s talk about the totally unique design. Curled into an open-faced chamber with a super-soft silicone wing curving around the circumference, the Private Turbo fits easily in your or your handy playmate’s palm and fits cocks of all shapes and sizes. You can use it for stroking, frenulum stimulation, or as an edging tool.

Okay, vibration time! The Turbo features 6 modes of deep, full-coverage vibration that can be easily customized with a dedicated button. Combine your favorite rhythm with 3 modes of Pulse for max effect. You’ll feel the Pulse mode through an embedded bead placed toward the top side of the Stroker – switching it on will send the bead into a stimulation frenzy of tireless pulsation. Position the pulsating bead anywhere it feels the best, up, down, to the side – the Turbo Stroker is very impressive in terms of user versatility.

Pulsation is activated and controlled using a separate button the Turbo Stroker’s interface. There’s a button for vibration, a button for pulsation and a button for heat. Hitting the heat button will raise the temperature of your stroker to a sexy fever pitch. To instantly send either vibration or pulsation revving up to the highest intensity level, hit the big MAX button.

Fully USB rechargeable, the Turbo Stroker powers up using an included USB charge cord and any free USB port.

In body safe silicone, the Turbo is hypoallergenic and extra hygienic. Clean well before and after use with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water-based lube –  please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys. Not rated for use in water.

* The Private Turbo Stroker is about 5.1″ (13cm) long and approximately 2.4″ (6cm) wide. It will flex to fit just abut any size.










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